WHO EDL cross-reference list to GMDN Terms now available

7 February 2023

The WHO Essential Diagnostic List (EDL) is a selection of reference IVD tests that can be used as a basis for a national list of essential in vitro diagnostic tests.

It is expected that the WHO EDL will improve the identification and access to essential in vitro diagnostic tests and therefore contribute towards health systems strengthening and realizing universal health coverage a key goal of the WHO.

More information about the EDL is available from the WHO:

To support the work of the WHO, we have created a list to cross-reference the WHO EDL with current GMDN Term Names and Codes, called the WHO EDL Service. We hope this will help users of the WHO EDL to be able to identify suppliers of the IVD tests in their region. The list was based on the GMDN Terms available at the time the WHO EDL version 3 was published and therefore we recommended GMDN Codes are checked in the GMDN website before use.

To get access to the WHO EDL Service please Contact Us.

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