The FDA/NLM is adding new functionality to AccessGUDID and OpenFDA as regards the GMDN, namely that the GMDN Code and status (active or obsolete) will be displayed against each product record (along with the currently displayed name and definition).

The FDA state: “If a labeller submitted an FDA Preferred Term (FDA PT) Code to meet their GMDN Code data entry requirement, the equivalent GMDN Code will now also be released publicly”. So, following this launch PT code users can register with GMDN and switch to using the GMDN Code.

If you want to check the status of the GMDN Terms that you are using (and find the corresponding GMDN Codes by linking to your account) prior to the new AccessGUDID launch, then you can search the GMDN Database using the GMDN Term Name. Simply:

  • Register with GMDN
  • In search click ‘Advanced’ and ‘Include Obsolete’
  • Enter the Term Name and search

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