The GMDN Agency is a UK charity and a non-profit organisation and is responsible for creating and maintaining the GMDN Database.

GMDN Term Names and Definitions are freely available to all members, allowing them to find the most appropriate GMDN Term and related GMDN Code.

The full GMDN is available for free to Regulators, Healthcare Providers and Academic Researchers.

Medical device Manufacturers can choose to register for a paid membership to better manage their company’s GMDN Terms, which is the primary source of income for the Agency.

Paid membership is an option only for medical device Manufacturers, Consultancy Organisations, and other Commercial Organisations.

The GMDN has approximately 15,000 members, with 91% on basic (free) membership. The membership structure ensures that no member contributes more than 2% of the GMDN Agency’s income, ensuring the Agency’s independence.

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