GMDN copyright protects data integrity for all our stakeholders

10 April 2023

The GMDN Agency owns the copyright to the GMDN as this helps us protect and maintain data integrity for all

The GMDN Agency owns the copyright to the GMDN as this helps us protect and maintain the integrity of the data ensuring that any publicly available data is accurate, up to date and supports patient safety. We have several licensing agreements with many Governmental Regulators, including the United States of America’s FDA, the UK’s MHRA and Australia’s TGA, to publish the GMDN to support patient safety. Data integrity of the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) is important to all our stakeholders for several reasons:
  1. Consistency and accuracy: GMDN is used by various stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including regulatory bodies, healthcare providers, and medical device manufacturers. Maintaining data integrity ensures that GMDN remains consistent and accurate across all stakeholders.
  2. Safety and efficacy: Medical devices play a critical role in patient care. Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the data in GMDN helps to ensure that the medical devices used in patient care are safe and effective.
  3. Regulatory compliance: Many countries have regulatory requirements for the use of medical devices. Data integrity of GMDN is important to ensure compliance with these regulations.
  4. Supply chain management: Accurate and consistent data in GMDN helps in managing the supply chain of medical devices, from procurement to distribution and post-market surveillance.
  5. Research and development: GMDN is used in research and development of medical devices. Maintaining data integrity of GMDN helps to ensure that research and development efforts are based on accurate and reliable data.
Overall, data integrity of GMDN is crucial to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical devices, compliance with regulatory requirements, efficient supply chain management, and effective research and development. If you want to know more about how we can work together, please contact us at the following link

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