GMDN Agency delivers training to Anvisa

15 November 2023

GMDN Agency colleagues from our Term Development Team, Luís Carraça and Chinaniso Majoni, recently delivered training to the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, Anvisa.

Augusto Geyer, General Manager of Healthcare Product Technology at Anvisa, said: “The GMDN staff provided excellent training for Anvisa’s technical team, allowing an in-depth understanding of all the logic adopted in this essential source of information that has been adopted by several regulators globally. This knowledge will be fundamental for the development of a series of Anvisa actions, especially the implementation of the Unique Device Identification (UDI) in Brazil.”

Luís Carraça, Senior Nomenclature Developer at the GMDN Agency, said: “Providing training and support to our stakeholders is a key element in our mission to provide a global tool for the identification and grouping of medical devices – it was a pleasure to deliver this session to Anvisa’s technical team and answer their questions relating to the use of GMDN in Anvisa’s regulatory system and upcoming UDI system in Brazil.”