Blog - Maximising Stakeholder Engagement: A Multifaceted approach by the GMDN Agency

30 August 2023

Blog by Paul Wadsworth, Senior Communications Manager at the GMDN Agency

In today’s rapidly evolving medical technology and healthcare landscape and in an era where information flows seamlessly across geographical divides, effective communication and engagement with stakeholders have become more crucial than ever.

Having just reached my first six months in role as the Senior Communications Manager at the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) Agency, I am excited to share how we have been strategically maximising engagement with our stakeholders through a diverse array of channels.

From our brand new public-facing website to thought leadership blogs, workshops, and participation in international conferences, our multi-channel approach is ensuring that our stakeholders remain informed, empowered, and connected like never before.

Website: The portal to the GMDN

At the heart of the GMDN Agency’s engagement strategy lies its brand new public-facing website, an intuitive digital space designed to be a hub of information, interaction, and innovation. Launched in July 2023 with user experience at the forefront, the website serves as a repository of the latest news and resources related to the GMDN. Since launch, users in more than 150 countries have visited the site. This dynamic platform serves as a central hub for all things GMDN, providing a seamless user experience for stakeholders ranging from regulatory bodies, manufacturers, members of the public and healthcare providers. Our new website is serving as a powerful tool for information sharing and interaction and can be accessed at this link.

LinkedIn: A professional nexus for networking

In the digital age, social media platforms are pivotal in reaching a wider audience. Our presence on LinkedIn allows us to connect with professionals, organisations, and experts in the medical device sector. Regular updates, informative posts, and engaging content keep our followers informed about the latest news, regulatory changes, and industry trends. The dynamic nature of LinkedIn facilitates open discussions and fosters engagement through comments, shares, and likes. It serves as a space where stakeholders can engage directly with the Agency, ask questions, and provide feedback, further enriching the dialogue between the Agency and its stakeholders in real-time. We have also grown our followers by 80% in the last year to nearly 800 people and organisations. If you would like to follow the GMDN Agency on LinkedIn please click this link.

Monthly FOCUS newsletter: Nurturing informed partnerships

Communication is at its most impactful when it is consistent and targeted. With almost 16,000 subscribers, our monthly FOCUS newsletter has emerged as a cornerstone of our engagement strategy. This newsletter is a regular curated compilation of insights, articles, and updates related to the GMDN. From the Agency’s initiatives, regulatory updates, sharing best practices and blogs and articles highlighting the real-world impact of our work, the newsletter keeps our stakeholders well-informed and connected. Its subscriber base continues to grow, reflecting the value our stakeholders place on this consolidated source of industry information. Through the FOCUS newsletter, the Agency fosters a sense of community, inviting stakeholders to be active participants in the journey of advancing medical device nomenclature.

Workshops and training: Sharing knowledge and listening to feedback

Knowledge empowers, and the GMDN Agency is keenly aware of this principle. We organise regular workshops and training sessions, conducted in collaboration with medical device regulators, manufacturers, trade associations and healthcare providers, which constitute a vital component of our engagement strategy.

These sessions are designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of our nomenclature system and its implications. A personal touch goes a long way in building strong relationships and by directly engaging with our stakeholders in these interactive settings, we are not only sharing knowledge but also gaining invaluable insights from their experiences and challenges which help us improve the GMDN and our stakeholder experiences.

International conferences: A Global footprint

GMDN is the leading nomenclature for medical devices worldwide, providing a single common language that facilitates regulatory compliance, quality control, and patient safety.

Participation in international conferences such as the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) and the Global Harmonization Working Party (GHWP) is a testament to our continued commitment to global engagement. These platforms provide us with the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of stakeholders on a global scale.

Our engagement strategy also extends to industry-specific meetings and conferences. By attending and participating in events hosted by medical device associations, industry consortiums, and trade shows, we stay connected with the latest industry developments.

From regulators shaping policies to industry leaders driving innovation, these conferences are where the pulse of the industry is, offering us the chance to share our expertise, demonstrate thought leadership, and connect with stakeholders who are actively shaping the landscape of medical device nomenclature.

Thought leadership blogs and articles: Leading the way

In an era where informed decision-making is paramount, thought leadership plays a vital role. Our thought leadership blogs and articles serve as platforms for sharing in-depth insights, analyses, and perspectives on key industry topics. By presenting well-researched content, we not only establish ourselves as trusted authorities but also ignite meaningful conversations within the industry.

External Media: Amplifying our voice

Collaboration with external media outlets further amplifies our engagement efforts. When our stories are featured in industry publications, it not only enhances our visibility but also validates our mission to be the global leader in naming, describing and categorising medical devices for the protection of patients. These external platforms provide us with a broader audience, allowing us to disseminate our message to stakeholders who might not have otherwise come across our work.

In summary, our multi-channel engagement approach at the GMDN Agency is all about reaching, connecting, and empowering stakeholders across the medical device industry. From our user-centric website to active social media presence, informative newsletters, interactive workshops, and global conference participation, each channel has a unique role in our comprehensive strategy.

As we continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of the industry, we remain committed to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the advancement of our vision at the GMDN Agency. To provide a single common language for all medical technology and for it to be adopted by medical device regulators, manufacturers, and other participants in healthcare systems worldwide.

Finally, If you would like to share any feedback, sign-up for our FOCUS newsletter or are interested in being a case study and sharing how the GMDN has benefited your organisation please contact me at

Paul Wadsworth, Senior Communications Manager at the GMDN Agency