Anyone can register for free as a member on the GMDN website to access and use any GMDN Term. Registered members can check their GMDN Term status at any time without charge.
The full GMDN is available for free to Regulators, Healthcare Providers and Academic Researchers.

Device Manufacturers can choose to register for a paid notification service that can save them time in managing the GMDN Terms they use. Certain qualified members, such as Governments, Hospitals, and Academics, can register to obtain full sets of GMDN Terms updated regularly without charge.

Access to GMDN is open to anyone in any country and allows members to access all Term Names, Definitions, and Codes, view proposed new changes to Terms, provide comments, and ask questions.

All members must register to preserve the GMDN Database’s integrity and security, allowing direct communication and meeting regulatory requirements. Registration supports data integrity, timely updates, and global contributions. This is the same requirement to register on the WHO website to see the WHO-FIC (ICD-11 draft items).

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