Benefits of Membership

Membership will give you a licence to access the GMDN Database which has over 22,000 Term Names that group your medical device products.

All the GMDN Term Names and Definitions are available to all users and when the appropriate one has been found the related GMDN Code can be revealed and used.

The GMDN Code will be necessary if you are submitting larger sets of data to your regulator or customer and need to pre-populate the data table, such as the US FDA GUDID submission.

The GMDN Database remembers the GMDN Terms of interest to you. Thereafter, we monitor these in your ‘My Terms’ list and let you know if their status changes in the future, for example if the Terms Definition is updated or we decide the description is no longer accurate and we need to make the GMDN Term obsolete.

The GMDN Database also provides a hierarchical search tool, the ‘Explorer’ to help you identify the relevant GMDN Term by browsing the device definitions by clinical application.

If you are a medical device innovator we provide a free ‘Enquiry’ service to update the GMDN Database to ensure there is always the right GMDN Term available for your product.

The GMDN Agency is a public charity and we only charge licence fees to cover our costs.

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