Membership Benefits

Licenced GMDN members are entitled to access the GMDN database which currently has more than 24,000 term names which group your medical devices.

GMDN term names and definitions are available to all users allowing members to find the most appropriate one and reveal the related GMDN code.

Additional features are available to some membership types or qualified organisations.

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Our Explorer tool is an advanced search tool to help you identify the relevant GMDN term using a clinical hierarchy of more than 2000 collective terms.

The explorer allows higher level grouping of GMDN terms to support better navigation of terms and enables the aggregation of data about larger groups of devices. This data could help you find how many of a particular device your organisation used or the growth of use in the last year.


The explorer is a poly-hierarchical structure, meaning the system can be adapted and amended quickly without affecting the status of specific GMDN terms.

My Terms

Your ‘My Terms’ list can be used to help manage your GMDN terms. We continue to monitor all terms and provide notifications of any changes in a term’s status.

You are also able to export your list of terms and archive any terms that you no longer need us to monitor for updates.



We notify you automatically if the status of any terms in your ‘My Terms’ list change for any reason. This can be useful to demonstrate compliance with the US FDA ‘UDI Final Rule’ (21 CFR Parts 830.350)

Enquiry Service

If you can’t find the right GMDN term after searching our database, we provide a free enquiry service for all registered users to help by reviewing your product literature and advising on the next step.

We can also help if a definition of an existing term needs to be modified or a new GMDN term created to include your product variant. We have an ISO 9001 Quality Management Procedure to control and document our service, so you can be assured your data is secure.

At the end of the process draft terms are made available to all registered members so they can provide feedback as well.

Multi-User Accounts

Multiple users can be added to an account with different access rights.

Multiple user accounts are useful for larger organisations who need to allocate different permissions.

The user who registers a new GMDN account has all permission by default with the following options available for additional users.

Data Download

Large users of GMDN data, such as governments and hospitals, can download the compete GMDN Terms set.


The GMDN Agency is a public charity and we only charge fees to cover our costs.