GMDN 2023 Stakeholder Survey and Interviews

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GMDN values your insights and invites you to take part in an online stakeholder survey. Read more...

This year, the GMDN Agency is carrying out a stakeholder audit and strategic review of progress on our Corporate Strategy 2022 - 2026.

As part of this, we will conduct an online stakeholder survey and a series of interviews with key stakeholders in January and February.

To take part, please visit:

As one of the Agency’s key partners, you will be invited to join the online survey. We value your insight into your use of the GMDN, your interaction with the Agency, and your opinion on the broader medical devices landscape. 

With your help, we want to understand whether our strategy is fulfilling its purpose of providing a framework for how the GMDN operates and ensuring that it continues to serve its users and regulators, as well as contributing to the goal of improving patient safety.

Read the GMDN Strategy 2022 - 2026 in full:

Take part in the survey here: